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What Are the Benefits Of a Lectern Stand?

Lecterns are most associated with places such as churches and religious institutions. Originally used to hold books to read from, they are now widely used in places such as colleges and universities and within media and politics. But, what are the benefits of using a lectern?

Using a lectern can provide an element of importance for the speaker, allowing them to read from notes or books easily, and project their voice to the audience better. A lectern also helps when using a microphone, as many come with microphone mounts for easy assembly. 

Read on to find out about the key benefits of using a lectern.

A woman at a lectern speaking to an audience

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Why is a Lectern Important?

A lectern provides a focal point for the audience and allows the speaker to comfortably read any material while still being able to maintain eye contact with the audience. It can help a speaker to deliver their message with more authority and helps them to be more visible to the audience. 

The Benefits Of Using a Lectern Stand

There are many benefits to using a lectern stand:

For the Speaker

  • Confidence - Having a lectern stand to speak from can give the speaker more confidence when delivering their message. For example, prime ministers and presidents use lectern stands to deliver key messages, and they are widely used in elections and campaigns to give an air of authority to the speaker.

  • Posture - A lectern can aid the speaker's posture. In order to project their voice they must stand straight as if speaking over the lectern. Speakers often hold the sides of the top of the lectern to steady themselves. It gives them something to hold onto so they don’t look as formal.

  • Organisation - Generally used for reading from, a lectern stand can hold books or papers so the speaker doesn’t have to. There is sometimes a small shelf which can be used for water.

General Benefits

  • Available in different materials - To suit your environment and style, you can get lecterns made from wood, acrylic and composite.

  • Transport - Lecterns can be fixed in place and some can be transported, meaning there is no need to hire a lectern if you need to use one in different locations. You can even purchase fold-flat lecterns.

  • Focal point - For the audience it can give a focal point and help them to stay focussed on the speaker. When a person approaches the lectern, you would naturally be drawn to them and pay more attention.

  • Easy to care for - You can cover a lectern when not in use and their simple design makes them easy to clean and maintain.

Are There Any Disadvantages Of Using a Lectern Stand?

There can be some disadvantages to using a lectern, though generally these can be avoided with careful planning and choosing the right lectern stand.

  • Keeps the speaker static: The speaker stands at the lectern for the duration of their presentation. If they are reading from notes this means they will not be able to move around. This should be considered in the planning of the event.

  • It creates a barrier: It can create a barrier between the speaker and the audience. Depending on the placement of the lectern this could obstruct the view so should be thought about in the event planning.

Both of these potential disadvantages can be avoided when choosing the right lectern for you. Want tailored advice and suggestions? Don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Lectern Stands from Nova Lecterns

As experts in building lecterns with high quality materials, we understand how powerful their use can be. We offer lecterns, pulpits and accessories such as microphone stands and covers. 

As members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen and the FSB, we use time-honoured skills with over 60 years of experience in design and fabrication. Take a look at our range of lecterns or get in touch to discuss your requirements.


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