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Effectively isolate your lectern microphone from noise, shock and vibration transmitted through the mounting surface with our lectern microphone mount. Made for gooseneck microphones, our shock mount eliminates the pickup of low-frequency resonances caused by mechanical coupling, providing you with a clearer sound payoff.


Most of our lectern table-tops are manufactured to work with this particular microphone shock mount and provides a secure mount for one (or more!) microphones.


Mounting your podium with more than one microphone? Simply add two mounts to your basket and let our team know to add them to your lectern of choice. 


Key Features

  • Absorbs sound vibrations, improving sound output
  • Suitable for most gooseneck microphones
  • Made from durable & scratch-resistant materials
  • Free, UK-wide delivery available


Lectern Microphone Mount FAQs


What Does a Microphone Shock Mount Do?

A microphone shock mount isolates the microphone from vibrations and mechanical noises, preventing unwanted sounds like handling noise from affecting a speaker’s verbal communication. It suspends the microphone in a cradle with shock-absorbing materials to improve overall audio quality.


Which Microphones Can the Shock Mount Work With?

Our lectern microphone mount is only intended for use with gooseneck microphones which are to be mounted on lecterns and podiums. Gooseneck microphones have a thin shaft, which can be adjusted to suit the speaker's preferences.


Which Lecterns Can the Shock Mount Work With?

Please note that our microphone shock mount will work with most of our lecterns and will be available in the add-on accessories dropdown menu. If you aren’t sure that the microphone mount is suitable for your lectern, get in touch with our team - we’d be happy to advise.


Do You Offer a Warranty?

Yes, we do offer a lifetime manufacturer's warranty on all of our products. We are committed to your peace of mind, and as part of our warranty, we offer free repairs or replacement in the unlikely event of craftsmanship issues, product failure or defects in manufacture. Visit our warranty page to learn more, or contact our team if you have any questions.


What Else Do We Offer?

Alongside our range of handcrafted wooden and acrylic lecterns, we offer everything you need to maintain and care for your lectern. Our complete range of accessories include:




How To Buy Our Lectern Microphone Mount

The Microphone Shock Mount is available from the drop-down accessory menu on the product page and is available for most lecterns. If the Microphone Shock Mount is featured on the accessory list, then it will fit the lectern you are viewing.



Lectern Microphone Mount

Excluding VAT
  • The Microphone Shock Mount is available from the drop down accessory menu on the product page. It is not available for all lecterns as it will only fit lecterns with a table top of 15mm or thicker. If the Microphone Shock Mount is featured on the accessory list, then it will fit the lectern you are viewing.

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