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Custom Lecterns & Podiums

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Customisation of a Standard Lectern

We can work with you to create a completely unique lectern from your design or specification. As a more cost effective option we can also take any one of our standard lectern designs and customise it to meet your individual needs.

We have many years of experience making our customers wishes a reality. There is virtually no limit to how you can apply your very own design concepts to individualise your very own lectern, table, stand or font.


iPad Tablet Housing

Most of our lectern tabletops can be customised to house an iPod or any screen tablet.  The adapted lectern is supplied with a matching blank insert enabling normal use when the computer tablet is not required.



Acrylic lecterns can be constructed in thicknesses from 10mm to 20mm and any colour or texture listed in the Perspex® catalogue.



Acrylic is a marvellous material at conducting light. Clear acrylics conduct light illuminating edges and engraved surfaces. 

Opaque acrylic spreads the light evenly over its surface ideal for back lighting logos. 

Modern LED lighting further compliments and enhances the beauty of illuminating acrylic sheet. 

LED lights can deliver a bewildering range of colours and can be positioned to provide back lighting to enhance a printed graphic on the front panel, edge lighting that will bathe the lectern's frame in colour and top lighting to illuminate the presenters notes.


Detachable Front Panel

The choices are endless, You can chose any colour in clear, smoked or opal acrylic. There is even a mirrored panel to choose from. Please view our panel options

There's more...

Shelves and Cable Management

Often the lectern is used to house or hide the Audio Visual (AV) and lighting control equipment which means a lot of cables have to be terminated. We can install extra shelves and cable management conduits to accommodate this equipment in complementary materials to those used in the construction of your custom lectern.


A few of the accessories available not listed on the website are: 

  • Cup and drinks pitcher holders

  • Clocks & timers

  • Lockable cabinet

Pricing & Delivery

As soon as we demonstrate to you that we understand your requirements you will receive a fixed price quotation and a statement of work detailing the number of days required for us to complete your order. Once payment is received we will start process your order.

As with all custom work the permutations are endless so providing a quotation on the website is near impossible.

We absolutely love the lectern, it’s a much better build quality than our previous ones. It looks more robust, and sturdy. It will definitely work for us.

Heather Brenner  |  Astro Lighting

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