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The Amethyst Solid Oak Lectern is a lectern made from solid engineered oak and acrylic to exacting standards, using only the highest quality materials. Hard lacquered real wood veneer finishes the sides and base while the top and front panel are made from clear cast acrylic with diamond polished edges.

Highly polished chrome fittings link the materials together to finish this classy pulpit. The solid oak finish makes this a very solid piece that will last for many many years of heavy usage.

Amethyst Solid Oak Lectern

Excluding VAT
  • Height 1220mm
    Footprint 650mm x 360mm
    Table Size 650mm x 370mm
    Panel Size 470mm x 1150mm

    15mm cast acrylic

    19mm Oak Veneer

    Weight 18.5 KG

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