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Introducing our premium AV lectern the ALU - AV. The perfectly versatile solution for events and conferences.

The ALU-AV Lectern has been designed with AV and events usage in mind and is geared around neat and accessible cable management. The lectern features a removable back panel and cavities at the top and bottom to allow cables to be easily routed where required.

The lectern also has ingenious invisible access for cables up to 5mm thickness into the front/sides at the top of the main section underneath the table top making for neater microphone cabling.

The composite construction has many advantages. Apart from weight saving and great durability it means that the lectern has a true brushed and anodised aluminium finish, not a powder coat finish which is susceptible to chipping. The horizontal brush also provides beautiful lighting characteristics.

ALU-AV Brushed Metal Composite Lectern

Excluding VAT
  • Height 1220mm
    Footprint 650mm x 330mm
    Table Size 750mm x 450mm
    Panel Size 1155mm x 300mm
    Material Multiple
    Weight 21 KG

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