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Branded Lecterns 

Highlight your brand or organisation with a high-quality branded lectern. We can add your brand logo or graphic to your lectern of choice through premium printing and engraving. We can work with you to create a personalised lectern that will showcase your brand. We have a wide range of lecterns to choose from and we can discuss with you which would work best for displaying your graphic. Branded Lecterns are great for places of worship, schools, colleges and universities. They are also popular for delivering speeches, seen frequently in politics. See our dedicated blog on Prime Minister Lecterns through the years.

We absolutely love the lectern, it’s a much better build quality than our previous ones. It looks more robust, and sturdy. It will definitely work for us.

Heather Brenner  |  Astro Lighting

Bespoke Lecterns 

We also offer fully bespoke lecterns and furniture, if you have a particular design in mind or need a specific size. We can work with you on a design and build which could also feature your brand or logo if required.

Acrylic Lecterns

If you are wanting an acrylic lectern we offer these in different colours and sizes. This can be beneficial for really making your logo or graphic stand out. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and we can make suggestions on what we think would work best.

Custom Panels

The majority of our lecterns come with a front panel, easy to create a branded lectern. If the lectern you choose does not, you can opt for a custom front panel. This is great for any visitors to utilise, as they can have a custom panel created and display this during use and remove afterwards.


We also offer a variety of accessories for your lectern such as microphone stands, covers and cases. If you have a specific requirement please get in touch and we can discuss how we can help.

Prices & Delivery 

We will work with you to get your requirements right before we provide you with a quote and turnaround estimate. Due to the bespoke nature of this service prices are calculated per customer.

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