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Lecterns in Church: Why Are They Important?

Lecterns have been used for many years in religious institutions. They are probably most famously associated with their use in the Church. Dating back to medieval times, the lectern has evolved over many years, from ornate carved structures to Eagles, and now more sleek and modern designs. But why is it important to have a lectern in church?

A church lectern allows the speaker to clearly see all members of the audience and deliver their message, lead prayer or read from the Bible. It can help the speaker to project their voice across the room and also give them further authority, driving attention to their delivery.

Read on to learn more about why lecterns in Church are important and how they are used.

What is a Lectern in a Church?

A lectern is a specially crafted item of furniture, with a slanted top to enable you to read from whilst also being visible to an audience and allowing you to project your voice further. Lecterns are used within religious institutions such as the church, as well as in educational settings, politics and events.

A Church lectern is an important piece of furniture in a church and is probably one of the most recognisable pieces of furniture within it. The lectern provides a focal point for the congregation and is primarily used for reading out passages from the Bible. A Church lectern is also used to lead others in prayer.

Why Is A Lectern In Church Important?

A Lectern is important in church for many reasons:

  • It provides a focal point for the congregation. 

  • It allows the speaker to project their voice better to the audience.

  • Its design makes it easier to read from the Bible or deliver other messages, whilst still being able to engage with the audience.

  •  It can hold reading materials, some of which may be heavy.

  • It gives authority to the speaker and draws attention.

To learn more about how useful a lectern can be, take a look at our post on the benefits of a lectern stand.

Who Uses the Lectern in Church?

A church lectern is used by members of the clergy. Members of the congregation may also use the lectern in the church if they are reading a passage or speaking to the entire congregation.

What Are Lecterns Typically Made From?

When thinking about a church lectern, most people would think about a wooden lectern. Many modern lecterns are smaller and much simpler in design than those in older churches, available in different materials such as acrylic and composite, you can get larger and more ornate versions too, such as a specialist lectern

Many older churches may feature an ornate pulpit, a raised and enclosed platform from which to speak from, that may be up a small set of stairs. To read more on the difference between pulpits and lecterns take a look at our dedicated blog on Lecterns vs Pulpits vs Podiums: What's the Difference?

Why is There Often an Eagle on the Lectern in Churches?

Some churches have an Eagle on the lectern. In Christianity, this is to represent the word of God. It has many positive links to the Bible, particularly to St John the Evangelist’s gospel. It is also linked to the ascension of Christ. Some Churches may have an Eagle lectern made of brass, wings outstretched so as to be able to hold the Bible to be read from. 

Historically, these types of lecterns were prominent in wealthier churches. They may sometimes feature the Eagle holding a ball, this is a representation of the Earth and the idea of the Eagle spreading God’s word around the world. 

Where is the Lectern in a Church?

Lecterns are normally placed in front of the pews in church so that the congregation can easily see the speaker and pay their full attention to the messages being delivered. The Lectern may have a microphone attached so that the speaker can be heard clearly in larger churches and cathedrals. They are often a focal point of interest, as well as to highlight the importance of the words being spoken, they direct the audience's attention.

High-Quality Church Lecterns From Nova Lecterns

Members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen, we have been designing and building lecterns since 1984. Trusted by many customers, we offer a wide range of Church lecterns available in various materials and styles. We also have a bespoke option if you have a particular design in mind. 

Our lecterns can be used in religious settings, but also in schools, universities and events. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements. 

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